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The Dynamic Duo

Meet The Team


Billy Cox

Co Owner


Joel Kaufman

Co Owner

When you think of Dynamic Duo’s, your first thoughts might be Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry, or even Bert & Ernie. Let me tell you about another one... Billy Joel, no not the musician that famously wrote “Piano Man”. We are talking about two college friends who grew to be brothers over the years.

William “Billy” Cox and Joel Kaufman met years ago while attending LSU at a local Baton Rouge drinkery and singing the old familiar tune “Can’t you see”. While that’s one of their favorite stories to tell, there’s no shortage of laughs to be had. Just ask them about the “Florida Crab”. Through the years, both guys have become avid outdoorsmen, always searching for the next beach or fishing trip to plan.

The Dudes Abide

The Redfish Story

So you might be asking how the company idea was hatched. One night while in Bimini, Bahamas, Joel and Billy passed a boat with the name on the side “The Dream”, which sparked a conversation. Joel told Billy they should get into the beach industry and that idea has been burning in the back of their minds since inception. Over the years, while working their normal everyday jobs they would chat many, many times about “The Dream” of becoming entrepreneurs and starting the business till finally they spoke it into existence.

Billy, a native Louisianian from Ponchatoula has over 10+ years managing oil and gas companies from the refining to the drilling side. His past jobs have taken him wide and far through the Middle East to Asia to most recently Australia where he spent the last 5 years. Billy decided in January it was time to hang up the hard hat and trade it in for a pair of flip flops, moving to Santa Rosa beach to fulfill his and his brother’s dream. In addition to management skills, Billy brings relentless attention to detail to ensure the customer gets exactly what he or she desires. Combining that detailed oriented thinking and southern hospitality, Billy ensures that people who are visiting the beach have the very best experience. Billy is also the expert at taking ideas and making those visions become real life.

Joel is from a small town in Central Louisiana, Natchitoches, and is currently residing in Texas. He’s been a veteran beach goer since being a small tot, learning to love the beach the way his Dad did. Having worked for oil and gas operators for the last 10 years, he has held a multitude of positions with the most recent being quality management and worked in every imaginable country. He’s the creative mind behind the team conveying ideas constantly. Quality is something that he holds near and dear to the heart as he believes delivering reputable services and products is essential. Like Billy, attention to detail is key and delivering a wonderful customer experience is the utmost importance.

Billy and Joel live up to one of their mentor’s attestations “Be accessible, honest, pleasant, and a good listener.” Should you see these two around the area, be sure to stop them and say Hi. They will probably tell you a story which will not disappoint, guaranteed!

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Picture your toes in the sand with a cold drink in hand and it's easy to overlook small details.

Redfish Rentals specializes in small details.

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